Dee's Cheap Living

If you would like to keep more money in your pocket or have more money for investing; then you are at the right place! Dee's Cheap Living is a blog on how to live life on the cheap. In 2009, Denise's take home pay was and still is 75% less per month than previous years. But, she never changed her life-style; she lived life on the cheap. Many people ask her: how do you live off of what you are making? So, she decided to start a blog and tell her story, and Dee's Cheap Living was born. She will discuss how to live, travel, receive free coupons to print from the Coupon Gallery and feed a family all on the cheap! All of this and much more! Take the Debt Analysis Survey!  Ms. D's kitchen is open for a slimmer & healthier me and you! This website is for the purpose of information only and not a substitute as financial advice for your personal situation.

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