Denise's Background

Denise is an Author, teacher, and businesswoman. She speaks worldwide for corporations, trade associations, conventions, and churches. She has won several awards from Toastmasters International. She has appeared on Green Views and in the Delaware County Times. Denise graduated from Widener University with a Bachelor's Degree, and from Neumann University with a Master's Degree. In addition, she has achieved Professional Certificates from Villanova University, graduated with honors from New Life Bible School, and she has taken classes at Wharton School of Business. In 2007, she wrote a book: How to be A Money Magnet. Currently, she is a PhD candidate.

About Dee's Cheap Living

Denise founded a company: Money Magnet, Inc. (MMI) many years ago. The main focus of that company was to teach debt relief. Although, being debt free is important; Denise discovered people needed more than debt relief. So, she decided to close MMI in 2012. However, people kept calling her and asking her financial questions. In addition, when the economy crashed Denise did not feel the impact of the crash until 2009. At that time, her income was reduced by 75% monthly. But, her lifestyle did not change. Many people ask her: how do you live off of what you are making? So, she decided to start a blog and tell the story. So, Dee's Cheap Living was born and the mission broaden.