Coupon Class: Stockpile, Stock-up, and Save


I have saved tons of money using coupons. As you may know, I do most of my shopping for organic foods; nevertheless, I save money buying organic and non-organic foods. One recommendation for accumulating coupons in How to Be a Money Magnet is on page 18. This recommendation is the best for getting the coupons you want with little effort. To save money takes work.

Know your store's coupon policy and the layout of the store; ask at Customer Service. To get started you will need one log book, one 3-ring binder, currency card holders to store the coupons, section dividers, a calculator, and scissors. Put your 3-ring binder together with the dividers in the order of the store layout. This way you can take your binder with you while you shop.

How to get coupons: The Sunday paper has coupons; they will have both store coupons and manufactures coupons. Manufactures coupons are in our coupon gallery too! In addition, you can get coupons from magazines, manufactures websites, on products at the store, and on store shelves. You will need store coupons and manufactures coupons to save the most money. learn more & add comments