Little Effort to Show Love to Our Military Families

We Love Our Troops

I come from a military family. Therefore, I like to help show love to our troops as much as possible. I noticed that global food prices are rising. Consequently, our military families who are stationed overseas are paying a high price for food. The average salary for a newly enlisted soldier is about $18,000 per year; with more experience of course, his/her salary will increase. Nevertheless, our military could use help to provide for their families.

You can help: You can help by sending your recently expired manufactures coupons to the military. The military will be able to use these manufacturer coupons up to six months. Keep in mind; it takes about 3 weeks for the mail to arrive overseas. Make sure the coupons can be used when they arrive; just check the expiration date.

Items needed to help: You will need two paper clips, one envelope, recently expired manufactures coupons, and two white pieces of paper - one marked Food and the other marked Non-Food. I have composed a letter to include with your coupons. This letter will let the Base Coordinator know why you are sending the coupons. You may download the letter here. learn more & add comments