Make $200.00 Quickly!

Make 200.00

There is a price war going on with savings institutions: banks and credit unions. These businesses are trying to acquire more customers. This is all good for the consumer. Make $200.00 quickly to open and maintain a checking account.

Citadel Credit Union is offering $200.00 for opening a checking account. Citadel is a credit union; therefore, you must open a savings account first. To start the savings account deposit at least $5.00. However, to qualify for the first free deposit of $100.00 you must open a checking account and deposit $500.00. Then maintain an average of $500.00 per month. Once the credit union has verified your monthly average they will deposit $100.00 in your account. To qualify for the second half of the $200.00 you must use direct deposit or use your debit card three times a month. After these steps have been completed call the credit union so they can verify your monthly average, the use of direct deposit, and/or your debit card. Another $100.00 will be deposited in your checking account. You just made $200 to open and maintain a checking account and the bank has a new customer.