How to Get the Best Hotel Rates at the Lowest Price

get the best for less

How you can get the best hotel room at the best rate without using AAA or ARP. Do your homework. Call the hotel directly when making reservations and ask for the best available rate. If you want to use your membership card, ask about those rates separately. Gather the information provided for three to five different hotels; then, pick the lowest refundable rate. When you get to the hotel, ask for a free upgrade.

In the past when I traveled, I always stayed at a bed and breakfast(B&B). Most B&Bs are cozy and I enjoy meeting others who are vacationing in the same home. There is one drawback: some B&Bs do not have private baths. What is more important, however, is the lack of security at the B&B homes. With the climate of our society changing, at this point, it is best for me to stay in a nationally known hotel.

The first time I experienced getting the best hotel room at a cheaper rates was two years ago. I went to my Family Reunion in Rochester, NY. One day before the reunion, I decided to attend the event. I called the hotel where everyone was staying and asked to speak to the Manager. I asked the Manager for Manager's Specials on a room on certain dates which included a 5:00 p.m. Friday night arrival and 3:00 p.m. Sunday night departure. Just like clockwork, I was given a room for under $100.00 in a five star hotel. All of my family members paid well over $100.00 for their rooms without any amenities.

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