What an Adventure

Tow Truck

I decided to drive to the beach for some Friday fun. I called my girlfriend and she was all for the adventure. Off we go! I am driving and after 90-minutes of driving we arrived with the sea breeze blowing through our hair. What a beautiful day for the beach; 80 degrees with low humidity

We walked the boardwalk, ate some ice cream, and, after walking four miles on the boardwalk, we staked our claim on the beach. About six o'clock in the evening we decided to go home. After pulling out of the parking lot, an item starts to drag from my car. BANG, and then a thump! At first, I thought we were on a bump, and the bottom of my car hit it. But the dragging noise became louder. BANG, BANG!

I pulled my car aside and looked under the car. All looked well under the car; nevertheless, as soon as we pulled off again the dragging nose started. BANG, thump, thump! At this point, I knew I could not drive far.

We drove for five blocks and saw a gas station. We stopped to ask about an auto technician on site to fix the car. All of the time, I was thinking I don't want to be ripped off. I am out of town and we are ladies; these folks are going to try to rip us off. Of course, at six o'clock in the evening all of the auto technicians are off duty. What am I going to do? Then, I remembered I have AAA roadside service. I called AAA and asked them to tow my car home. The Tow Driver, Mike, loaded my car onto the truck and my girlfriend and I hopped into the cab. Off we went back home from the beach in a Tow truck. We talked and laughed with Mike all the way home.

When we arrived at our destination, we were informed of the cost of the service. Free! The service cost nothing because I am an AAA PLUS member. I get 100 miles of free towing. I am glad I live on the cheap because I get the best for less.