Christmas is Season to Give Wealth


The Christmas season is here; for some, this means giving gifts. Do you ever think of why we give gifts at Christmas? Well, the ritual goes back to the birth of Christ when the Kings brought gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh. Christmas is truly a holy day more than a commercial holiday. This is why some religions do not observe the holy day by giving gifts, but by recognizing the day. Nevertheless, today we all celebrate the day for our own reasons. If you are giving gifts this season why not give the gift of wealth.

What type of gifts are you giving? Are the gifts, you are giving, the gift of wealth and not just more stuff? Give a gift that keeps giving and teaches your child wealth strategies while building wealth.

piggybankA wonderful wealth building gift for children is to let a child see his or her pennies grow in a piggy bank. After the piggy bank is full transfer the savings to a bank savings account. Saving pennies monthly averages $30.00-$50.00 monthly. When his or her bank savings reaches $100.00 take $50.00 to start a mutual fund.

chestofmoneyA mutual fund can be started with a mere $50.00. The average growth of a mutual fund is between 14% -23% per year. This is much higher than having regular savings in a bank which averages about 1.7% per year. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving, your child is starting to build wealth, and learning wealth life lessons. Turn one gift into many gifts through wealth building.


For more ideas about wealth building contact Denise. Have a wonderful wealth building holiday.

How are you building Wealth this season!