Buying a Car


As I was driving home, from teaching, my car stalled. I coasted over to the side of the road and restarted the car. As I pulled off in my 1998 Taurus with over 100,000-miles the car started to jerk as it climbed to 50-miles per hour. I released the gas pedal and coasted 9-miles all the way home.

The next day, I took the car to the mechanic. "Sounds like the transmission," he said. The car was checked and the finding was confirmed; I needed a new transmission. The transmission would cost me $3,000.00. No thank you, I replied. Then off I went home. Keep in mind this car broke down on me when I was out of town over the summer.

Once home, I got on my computer and started to complete my research for another car. I cannot stress the importance of research before buying any car new or used. In addition, make sure to know the laws for your state.

I wanted a car with great gas mileage and low maintenance. Furthermore, I had to have a car on Monday no later than 4 p.m.

On Monday morning at 10:00 a.m., I arrived at the Conicelli Dealership and started the negotiation process to buy a Prius. I stayed for four hours and received the car I wanted at a $10,000.00 discount. I promised the dealership I would not say the price I paid for the car. However, I followed the steps outlined in the book: How to Be a Money Magnet. I get the best for less and you can too.