Take this Cellular Telephone and Shove it!

Take this cell phone and shove it

I love the convenience of having my telephone on the go! Furthermore, I am not going to give up the convenience of having a cellular telephone, and I am not going to be treated badly by customer service. I have discovered that I don't have to pay full price for the convenience of having an on-the-go-cellular telephone.

Let me tell my story. On Saturday, April 20, 2013, I woke up to a dead cellular telephone. When I called my cellular telephone company to identify the problem, customer service told me I had not paid the bill. I had sent them a check by U.S. mail before the due date with a service complaint letter. I asked customer service to check my records. They did and assured me that my telephone service would be reinstated before the end of the day. On the next morning, however, Sunday, April 21, 2013, the service was not connected and customer service stated I had to pay an additional $80.00 to reinstate the service. Since I do not have a LAN Line and my cellular telephone was not working, I decided to pay what customer service demanded. I thought, "Take this cellular telephone and shove it!" I meant that!

My mother always taught me: "If there is a will, there is a way, but you must figure it out." I became determined to find a way to acquire low cost cellular telephone service on-the-go. So, the journey began. I knew Skype is a free computer to computer video calling system. Also, with Skype, I learned that I could make telephone calls from my computer to a LAN Line or cellular telephone. Since I already had a Skype account and had used the video calling system, I logged on to Skype and secured the ability to call LAN Lines and Cellular telephone numbers from my computer or tablet for as low as $40.00 per year. I then secured a call-in Skype number for $31.00 a year, which allows my friends to call my computer or tablet from their LAN Line and or Cellular telephones. So, for less than $100.00 per year, I have a telephone on-the-go using my tablet. When I am out-and-about, connecting to WIFI is never a problem. I have Comcast as my Internet Service Provider (ISP) and I have WiFi at home. Comcast has hotspots in many locations, so by using my personal password, I can plug into a Comcast hotspot.

With my Skype service, I can receive telephone calls, voice mail, make telephone calls, and receive voice mail notifications through my e-mail at no extra cost. There are some draw backs to the Skype number. The Skype number does not support emergency calls, but, if you still have a cellular telephone, you can call 911, emergency service, from a shut-off cellular telephone. You just must remember to keep the battery charged. In addition, Skype does not have a customer service contact number, only a customer service e-mail. So, if anything goes wrong they cannot be contacted directly. learn more & add comments