Found Money

Found Money for Your Pocket

As you know, I am currently making 75% less income than previous years. I need every penny I can get my hands on just to make ends meet. To be clear, I am taking home, for the entire month, one week's pay. With that said, today my wallet is filled with money, literally. Here is how I found "Unclaimed" Found Money. Every year I heard that the State Treasury Department has "unclaimed money" and "unclaimed property," but I never looked into this issue. This year I wanted to look into whether or not I was one of those who, indeed, did have "unclaimed" Found Money or "unclaimed" Found property.

A few days ago, when it was snowing, I was listening to the radio and heard, "Go to your State Treasury Department website to see if you have "unclaimed" money or "unclaimed" property". I walked to my computer, went to my State Treasury Department website, typed in my first and last name and bang! My name and city showed up. I had "unclaimed' Found Money I needed to claim. learn more & add comments