A Slimmer Healthier Me and You


I am overweight by 40 pounds and I want to get back in shape. Therefore, I decided to stop complaining about my weight and start down the path of a slimmer me. Nighty-five percent of all of my foods are organic and I try not to eat any GMOs. My other incentive to lose weight is Barbara Smith, better known as B. She had a cooking show, B. Smith with Style. She and her husband, Dan Gasby, own several restaurants. She is thin and was a model; however, at the early age of 61, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer. This is called early onset Alzheimer's disease. When I heard the report on CBS, it shook me to my core. My first thought was, "How does a totally healthy woman get Alzheimer's disease?" According to experts, one component that could increase the chances of getting this disease is eating foods that are sprayed with chemicals.

To start my journey to a slimmer me, I visited a nutritionist to find the answer to "What I am doing wrong?" On my first and only visit to the nutritionist, she took me to her kitchen. The kitchen was stocked with plastic food. She asked me to fix breakfast, lunch, and dinner and include all of my snacks for the day. I proceeded to fix breakfast: oatmeal with blue berries, a protein shake, water, and tea. For a mid-morning snack: a banana, nuts, and tea. For lunch: two chicken breast sandwiches with salad dressing, two 8 oz. glasses of juice, and a piece of cake. Late afternoon snack: two chocolate snack bars (these bars are for children, so I ate two), and tea. Dinner: turkey breast, sting beans, potato salad, bread, and juice.

To my surprise, I was told I was eating all of the correct foods, but I was eating enough food for four people. The nutritionist said, "One chicken breast can feed two people." I need to eat less food in order to maintain my current weight.

Food is always on my mind. Therefore, immediately after I left the nutritionist's office, I returned home to plan dinner. My goal is to lose 40 pounds from mid-June - December while staying healthy, vibrant, and eating good-tasting foods. I am changing my lifestyle one week at a time.

The first week of a slimmer me, I gave up white/wheat bread along with white sugar and white/wheat pasta. These are some of the foods I substituted. They are quite tasty.

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