Give the Gift of Health Part 2

ice skating

The sky is grey, the sunsets early, and the air is bitter. The holidays are over and daily life is back to normal. What a dreary time. Let's go to the KROC!

I remember the Salvation Army as a place to go for emergency food and or money. That is the Salvation Army of yesterday. Today, the Salvation Army's KROC Center is a full-service center for the entire family: spirit, soul, and body.

Yes, they still have the Family Resources Center which will provide emergency assistance, and referrals for families in need; they also offer ESL classes.


In addition, they have an Aquatic Center which includes: heated pools, and a therapy pool. An educational center is provided with an Internet-based library, visual arts studio, tutoring rooms, and free Literacy classes. You can learn to: ice skate, ice hockey, play an instrument, go rock climbing, or be in a play.

The Salvation Army's KROC Centers are located throughout the US. It is the first of the year, so membership fees are reduced. Take the time to give yourself the gift of health.

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