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Stuffed Turkey Burger

Stuffed Turkey Breast Burger

1 lb. ground turkey breast

½ of teaspoon of ground sage

½ of teaspoon of dry Italian seasoning

½ of teaspoon of marjoram

1 teaspoon of coriander seeds (ground)

½ of teaspoon of garlic

3 tablespoon of plain or vanilla yogurt (I used vanilla)

A dash of sea salt and pepper to taste


Put the coriander seeds in a coffee grinder; grin until fine. Mix together all listed ingredients except the yogurt. Cover the bowl and let the flavors sit for at least 4 hours in the refrigerator; however, overnight is best. After 4 hours add the yogurt to the mixture, do not over mix; make turkey patties.

Stuffed Turkey Burgers

The yogurt makes the ground turkey breast moist.

Stuffed Turkey Burgers

Cut the patties in half. About 1.5 oz of meat on the bottom and 1.5 oz on the top (3 oz is the size of a deck of cards).

Use a spoon to flatten the bottom portion of the patty.

Stuffied Turkey Burgers

Add Salsa in the middle of the patty and put the other half of the patty on top.

Stuffied Turkey Burgers

Seal the sides of the patty with a spoon, so the filling will not come out. Put on a hot grill. Cook on a grill for 3 minutes each side.

Makes 3 servings

Stuffed Turkey Burger

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