What is in a Water Bottle

What is in a bottle of water

My Physician told me to drink the clear substance that comes in a plastic container called water. Daily, I drink it, yet I wonder, "What in the world is in this bottle?"

The plastic containers that hold this water are composed of chemicals called Biphenol A (BPA). I am ingesting chemicals that could harm my body. BPA is a chemical that makes plastics hard; this chemical is used in plastic water bottles, hard plastic containers, and the insides of food cans. Every person has BPA in his/her body because the chemical has been used for over forty- years in the lining of food cans, on thermal receipts, in plastic utensils, microwavable plastic dishes, and water bottles.

Some studies have shown links from BPA to such cancers as breast and prostate cancer, to heat trouble, type 2 diabetes, autism, and asthma. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration states that BPA is safe only in low levels. Be warned and be armed. Limit your exposure to plastic products.


I have used products that are BPA-free; however, I don't trust the claims that these products are BPA-free. According to Mother Jones News, BPA-free containers leach synthetic estrogens. Hormones are leaking into our bodies without our knowledge. This situation resembles our plight of having no labels on foods that contain GMOs. We as humans are the testing ground for these companies.

You can limit your exposure to such chemicals by eating fresh fruit and vegetables, by using glass or stainless steel drinking containers, and by taking an e-mail receipt when possible.

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